Shear Connector Headed Studs (3/4″-1″)

Headed Anchor Studs are used in all types of concrete connections. they can be welded to a flat surface, or in the fillet, or on the heel of an angle with a stud welding system.

Ferrule Spec Sheet

Shipping Weight



Mechanical Property Requirements
Type AType B
Tensile Strength61,000 psi min.65,000 psi min
Yield Strength49,000 psi min51,000 psi min
(% in 2 in)
17% min.20% min.
(% in 5x dia.)
14% min.15% min.
Reduction of Area50% min.50% min.
MaterialLow Carbon Steel (1010-1020) ASTM A29
Type A Studs are general purpose studs

Type B Studs are headed, bent, or of other configuration that are used as an essential component in composite beam design

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