Shear Connector Headed Studs (3/4″-1″)

Headed Anchor Studs are used in all types of concrete connections. They can be welded to a flat surface, Inside an angle, or on the heel of an angle using a  stud welding system.

We can bend the product to your specification upon request. Headed studs can be stud welded in the bent position using the correct accessories. 

Ferrule Spec Sheet

Shipping Weight



Mechanical Property Requirements
Type AType B
Tensile Strength61,000 psi min.65,000 psi min
Yield Strength49,000 psi min51,000 psi min
(% in 2 in)
17% min.20% min.
(% in 5x dia.)
14% min.15% min.
Reduction of Area50% min.50% min.
MaterialLow Carbon Steel (1010-1020) ASTM A29
Type A Studs are general purpose studs

Type B Studs are headed, bent, or of other configuration that are used as an essential component in composite beam design


Shear Connector Headed Studs (3/4″-1″)

Arc stud welding is a process by which a metal fastener is welded to a parent metal through a fusion weld. Using a “ferrule” to capture and retain the weld’s heat, the molten metal created by the process cools the weld site and produces a weld that is stronger than the stud itself. Drawn arc stud welding can be used with dissimilar metals such as mild and stainless steel, as well as aluminum.

Our Shear Connector Headed studs are composed of low-carbon steel. All purchases of shear connector headed studs come with the necessary ferrules required for welding, so you do not have to worry about making sure you have the necessary parts!

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Available Stock Sizes

3/4" Spec Sheets7/8" Spec Sheets1" Spec Sheets
HSC 34 220HSC 78 3316HSC 1 314
HSC 34 3316HSC 78 31116HSC 1 414
HSC 34 338HSC 78 4316HSC 1 514
HSC 34 31116HSC 78 5316HSC 1 614
HSC 34 378HSC 78 6316HSC 1 714
HSC 34 4316HSC 78 7316HSC 1 814
HSC 34 438HSC 78 8316HSC 1 914
HSC 34 41116HSC 78 9316
HSC 34 478HSC 78 10316
HSC 34 5316HSC 78 12316
HSC 34 538
HSC 34 51116
HSC 34 578
HSC 34 6316
HSC 34 638
HSC 34 61116
HSC 34 7316
HSC 34 8316
HSC 34 9316
HSC 34 10316
HSC 34 12316
HSC 34 16316

Headed Steel Studs MSDS        Headed Stainless Steel MSDS           Ferrule MSDS

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