Studhorse 1200DM (5/8″ max)

The Studhorse is designed for use in harsh environments including construction, shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing and equipment fabrication. Studhorse power sources weight 80 pounds, feature a built-in circuit breaker, and provide 3-zones of thermal protection to make this machine ideal for companies and contractor suing 480v.


  • Weld Range: #4 TO 1/2" DIA. 14 GA TO 3/8" (M3 TO MR12, DIA. 2 TO 10 MM)
  • Welding Material: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Welding Rate: 7 to 17 studs/minute
  • Welding Time: 5 to 1000 MSEC
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Welding range 1/4″ – 5/8″

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • 4 per minute duty cycle @ 1200 Amps for 5/8″
  • Strapless Weld Power and Time Adjustment
  • Drawn Arc Stud Welding up to 1200 Amps
  • Sturdy Design
  • Digital Start/Stop replaces mechanical contractor
  • Weight 80 lb
  • Studhorse 1200DM Spec Sheet

The Studhorse-1200DM, uses a power supply that is based on inverter technology. The machine weighs only 80 lbs. (36.5 Kg), with physical dimensions of only 19.5″ long x 17.9″ high x 10.5″ wide (495 mm x 455 mm x 105 mm). Generating an output of 1200 Amps, the welder is capable of welding studs up to 5/8 in. weld base diameter. The unit can be powered from a 40 Amp utility breaker at 480V, 3-phase or from a 30 Amp time delay fuse. The welder features infinitely adjustable output current, up to its 1200 amp. max., allowing for a wide range of stud sizes. Note: the 240V model requires a 60 amp breaker or slow-blow fuse and a 200 amp supply circuit for maximum output. Many competing 1200A arc stud welders on the market today are still using the conventional linear power design technology, with a typical weight of almost 200 lbs. (90 kg).

The Studhorse 1200 can easily be moved with the operator as the welding job progresses and connects with a 4-conductor, 10-gauge power cord to either a utility grid or a power generator. With The Studhorse 1200 kept close to the welder, only a short welding cable is needed. This considerable weight difference will drastically increase operator efficiency, and more applications of stud welding will also become economical due to the 50% weight reduction in the machine and the 70% lighter power cord. For the contractor on-the-move, the light weight Studhorse allows easy loading by hand on and off the back of a pickup truck.