TW 5700 (7/8″ max)

The TW5700 is a fully integrated stud welding system for ferrule-shielded and gas-shielded drawn arc stud welding. The TW5700 contains digital controls for weld time, weld current, and gas purge time. The system was designed to be a perfect fit for welding up through 7/8” diameter studs. This is all contained in a compact, portable package. New Pro-Tech’d technology protects the gun circuitry. New improved user interface for more intuitive setup. New factory presets and user customizable presets. New improved weld control. 2 year warranty.

Includes: TW5700 power supply, TWE17000 Heavy Duty stud gun, 50 feet starter combo cable, and 25 feet ground cable assembly

TW5700 Spec Sheet

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