A 16 Arc Stud Gun (5/8″ Max Dia.)

Stud welding gun for ARC stud welding according to current standards. Durable and easy to use. Especially suitable for thicker metal sheets from approx. 2mm. 90 day warranty. Find out more in the description below!

A 16 Spec Sheet 



Looking for a dependable and lightweight ARC stud gun perfect for thick metal sheets? The A 16 Arc Stud Gun has got you covered! Discover its premium features here:

Key Features

  • Dependability: The A 16 Arc Stud Gun features a tough, impact resistant design that fits in your hand! This gun’s ergonomic design allows you to use it with our without thick work gloves!
  • Adjustability: This ARC gun features multiple different individual adjustment options! Discover optimal welding results through the use of personal adjustments!
  • Lightweight: This gun weighs in at just under 2lbs! The lightweight nature of this gun makes it perfect for extended use!

About Arc Stud Welding

Arc Stud Welding is a process by which operators rapidly weld large diameter fasteners (>0.5″) to thick, rough metals. In Arc stud welding, an operator places a fastener (held in place by a chuck) and a ceramic ferrule against a parent metal by using an Arc stud gun. Once the operator pulls the trigger of the stud gun, a controlled electric arc melts the end of the fastener and the weld site, creating a strong fusion weld. The ceramic ferrule retains the heat and molten metal around the weld site. This further strengthens the fastener’s fusion to the parent metal. Additionally, the process of arc stud welding allows operators to weld dissimilar metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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