Centering Tube


Size: 1"
Size: 30MM


The Centering Tube accessory attaches directly to the stud gun and provides increased accuracy for your welds!

Key Features:

  • The Centering Tube can fit directly onto HBS and StudPro models, allowing you to quickly begin welding high quality welds! (For Pro-weld alternatives, see the Template Tube Adapter )
  • High quality construction means this accessory will last! Despite the harsh conditions of stud welding, the Centering Tube’s tough construction will prevent malfunctions and maintain consistent welds!
  • Simplicity: The Centering Tube is extremely easy to use! Simply attach it to the stud gun directly and begin welding right away?
  • Quality: Massively improve the quality of your welds with this device! By increasing the accuracy of your welds, their strength will increase as well! This accessory will also reduce the amount of re-welds you will have to perform.
  • Versatility: This accessory can be used with almost any HBS or StudPro CD stud gun model!


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