“N” Style Collet Stops (Adjustable)


Stud Length: 1-3/4-2-1/8
Stud Length: 1-1/4-1-5/8"
Stud Length: 3/4-1-1/8"
Stud Length: 1/4-5/8"


“N” Style Collet Stops keep your studs from slipping through the collet and into the stud gun!


“N” Stops


Adjustable “N” Style Collet Stops are used in conjunction with “N” collets and the studs themselves. Insert the stop directly into the collet (which holds the stud in place in the stud gun); this keeps the stud from slipping through the collet into the stud gun. To use “N” collet stops, simply insert the stop into the collet and adjust it such that the stud sticks out of the collet slightly. Because these stops are adjustable, there is no reason to cut the stop to a desired length, making these stops extremely versatile, simple, and reusable!

These collets are specifically built for “N” style collets, which are used in the process of capacitive discharge stud welding.

Collets and Chucks

Collets and chucks are used in CD stud welding to hold studs securely in the stud gun. Chucks and collets function to help transfer spring-loaded pressure into the stud during the welding process. Through this mechanism, collets and chucks ensure a strong bonding process. Through this process, collets and chucks experience wear and eventually must be replaced.

Find our “N” Collets in multiple sizes. They are usable with multiple brands of CD stud welding systems. These collets come in multiple sizes up to 5/16″!

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