Visar 650 110V ARC Unit (3/8″ Max Dia.)


Gun Accessories Not Included but are available. Call our award-winning customer service to discuss your application.

110v Arc Stud Welder-Powerful & Lightweight

• The micro-controller and energy management system eliminates effects of power fluctuation, this results in
consistent performance. This unit can be used anywhere.
•650 AMP output on a single phase input is an absolute world first in the industry.
• Regulated Welding Output- Cutting edge micro-controller technology regulates weld power output, resulting
in high quality and consistent welds.
• Intuitive operation- illuminated adjustment dials & simple setting of power and time
•Rugged Design- Through the unique internal cooling system there is no way for dust/dirt to get inside
•Accessories pouch available.

VISAR 650 SpecSheet

HBS equipment is CE certified


The Visar 650 110 Volt Arc Unit is the ultimate product for your stud welding needs! Combining high performance with consistency, this model uses the latest micro-controller technology in order to give you seamless and intuitive control over your stud welding gun!

  • Portable: This ARC stud welder is lightweight! At 40lbs, you can bring it to any job site and begin welding with little setup!
  • Durable: Quality materials and a novel internal cooling system keeps the interior of this unit safe from dirt and debris!
  • Versatile: The Visar 650 110 Volt Arc Unit can accept power supplies from 100V to 240V and has a welding range of 1/16″ to 3/8″!
  • Efficient: This unit can make up to 40 1/8″ welds per minute and Invertor-Capacitor charging technology means quick recharge times, allowing you to weld more studs at a faster rate!

The Visar 650 110 Volt Arc Stud Welding Unit is an efficient, powerful, and affordable option for any job site! Click here to see the Visar 650 in action!

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