“B” Collets


Standard B Collets are 3/8″ dia. x 1-3/8″ long



Stud Diameter: 10 MM
Stud Diameter: 3/8"
Stud Diameter: 5/16 & 8 MM
Stud Diameter: .215
Stud Diameter: 6 MM
Stud Diameter: #10 & 5 MM
Stud Diameter: #8
Stud Diameter: 4 MM
Stud Diameter: 10 GA & #6
Stud Diameter: 1/8" GA & #5
Stud Diameter: 12 GA & #4
Stud Diameter: 14 GA
Stud Diameter: 3 MM
Stud Diameter: 1/4"



“B” Collets are the most common collets for capacitive discharge stud welding systems manufactured in the U.S.A.

Collets and Chucks

Collets and chucks are used in CD stud welding to hold studs securely in the stud gun. They are installed on the ends of stud guns and help transfer spring-loaded pressure into the stud during the welding process. Collets and chucks ensure a strong bonding process through this mechanism. Through this process, collets and chucks experience wear and eventually must be replaced.

Our “B” Collets are available in various sizes and suitable for multiple CD stud welding systems. Comes in multiple sizes up to 3/8″!


  • Fits multiple types of CD stud welding systems (including TruWeld and StudPro)!
  • The most common collet for domestic manufacturers ensures high quality and long lifespan!
  • Versatile: Multiple sizes means these collets are versatile enough to fit any size CD stud (dependent on size purchased)
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