GENT4 Portable Stud Welding System

The best portable stud welding system in the industry. 256KVA Generating System providing 480 VAC ,3 phase, 300 Amps to power any stud welder of choice. The all-aluminum, powdered coated weather enclosure is fully sound attenuated. Don’t let the quiet rumble and low emissions from the Tier 4 final engine fool you. This stud welding system dominates the market with its award winning performance and time saving convenience enhancements. Easy Flip down doors gives you quick and easy access to the welder, cable and generator controls.

GENT 4 Spec Sheet



The GENT4 Portable Stud Welding System is the best portable, heavy-duty stud welding system in the industry!

This next-level trailer system can adapt to nearly any stud welder of your choice! Regardless of whether your project requires capacitive discharge welding or arc stud welding, the GENT4 can will suit any of your needs.

Key Features:

  • House most capacitive discharge stud welders and arc stud welders in a convenient and advanced trailer system!
  • Weather-proof, heavy duty housing system means the GENT4 can be used anytime, anywhere!
  • Innumerable safety features protect the GENT4 and increase the longevity of your stud welding system
  • And many more!


Additionally, the GENT4 Portable Stud Welding System includes extremely consumer-friendly warranties, including:

  • Enclosure: 1 Year, unlimited hours
  • Generator: 1 Year, unlimited hours
  • Engine: 2 Years from purchase or 2000 hours
  • Welding System: 2 Years for power supply

Finally, a full breakdown of the many convenient features of the GENT4 Stud Welding System can be found on the GENT4 Spec Sheet.

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