IWT-UVF-14 Auto Stud Feeder

Fully Automatic Stud Feeder  for welding elements

IWT -UVF-14 Spec Sheet


Welding range #4 to 3/8″

IWT’s UVF-14 universal feeder is designed to work with IWT automatic welding heads or auto feed hand guns. The vibrator bowl is made f ram cast aluminum and coated with urethane for superior wear and noise reduction. The escapement is precision machined out of tool steel allowing for continuous use with minimal maintenance. Both the bowl and fastener escapement is housed in a safety enclosure with pressure gages and controls conveniently located on the outside. The bowl is adjustable for fasteners 4-40 through 3/8-16” or M3 through MIO and can be used with mini-flange. DIN flange or micro-flanged weld studs up to 1.125 inches long. Optional Dual Bowl Feeder