Tungsten Carbide Tip Cutters (Metric) 3/4″ Shank

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Jetbroach Cutter Features

•Carbide tips for faster cutting
•Single pass cutting, no pilot hole required
•Annular part does all the work so small cutting resistance reduces drilling time
•Cutting of slanted, elongated and edge holes is now possible
•Fractional and metric cutter sizes to suit wide range of applications
•Produces little slag and few chips for easy disposal
•Can also be fitted to and used with previous Atra Ace models using a hexagon socket set-screw
•Improved concentricity extends cutter life! One-touch system consisting of three balls inside the arbor body produces a self-centering effect during cutting to improve cutter performance and life

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A guide to the selection of circumferential cutting speeds:

 Stainless Steel
 65 - 131
 Mild Steel
 98 - 164
 Cast Iron
 98 - 164

 164 - 229

 229 - 295

Test Drilling is very often the only way to determine the machinability of difficult materials. Use a small size cutter wherever possible in order to minimize trial costs.