MARC 1 A Nut Welding System

Quick Specs: 

Welding range: Welding nuts M6 to M12
Welding material: Stainless steel, steel (on request)
Welding rate: 4 pieces/min**
Wall thickness: Up to 2.5 mm***
Welding current: 1,000 A (max.)
Welding time: 5 to 1,000 msec (stepless)
Primary power: 400 V (alternative input voltages available), 32 A, 3 phases, 50/60 Hz, 35 AT (IT 1002)
Power source: Inverter
Field former unit: Not controlled
Protection class: IP 23
Dimension: L x W x H 660 x 280 x 340 mm (IT 1002) without handle
Weight: 29 kg (IT 1002)
* due to a possible replacement of the manual welding gun, the unit is also suitable
for manual stud welding
** depending on pad diameter and material
*** higher wall thickness on request

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The MARC 1 A Nut Welding System 
The MARC 1 A Nut Welding System is the top of the line system for welding nuts to thin metals! This swift process creates minimum distortion and reverse-side marking on the parent metal. The MARC 1 A is a supremely simple and easy welding system. In fact, this nut welding system is automatic, which means certified welders are not needed for professional use!
Key Features:
  • Creates minimal airborne particles!
  • Extremely low energy consumption!
  • Even and minimal heat input means low distortion on your welds!
  • Features a welding time of less than one second! This means an extremely short cycle time!

The MARC 1 A Nut Welding System includes:

  • IT 1002 Stud Welding Unit
  • Ground cable
  • AM 30 A Stud Welding Gun
  • FA1 Field Former (one standard dimension)
  • Shielding Gas Tripod

If you would like to see the detailed features and specifications of the MARC 1 A Welding System, view the MARC 1 A Spec Sheet.

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