MPW 1010/2010 Autofeed System

Weld range-#4 to 5/16″ dia. to #4 TO 5/16″ (M3 to M8, dia. 3 to 8mm)

  • Weld capacity up to 40 studs/min
  • Automatic stud feeding (up to 3 different stud lengths per welding head)
  • Graphic user interface
  • Fast and easy programming through user guided program editor
  • High precision ball screw system

MPW 1010 / 2010 Spec Sheet


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The MPW Autofeed System is a top-of-the line system that massively boosts welding efficiency through its advanced stud-feeding technology and simple design! View this system’s features below:

  • Versatility: The MPW can weld capacitive discharge, short arc, and drawn arc studs, all in one automatic system!
  • Capacity: Can comfortably weld studs with diameters from #4 to 5/16″!
  • Automation: The MPW Autofeed System includes technology that allows for studs to automatically feed into the head of the machine! Each welding head on the MPW can handle up to 3 different stud lengths.
  • Welding Heads: The MPW can hold up to a maximum of 4 welding heads!
  • Accuracy: This system ensures that your welds are accurate! You are promised and accuracy of +/- 0.15mm for steel and +/- 0.2mm for aluminum (dependent on work piece and geometry)! No need to sacrifice accuracy for automation!
  • Efficiency: The MPW can weld up to 40 studs/minute, depending on welding unit, stud type, and the position of the stud!

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