PEGASAR 500 ISO Pin Welder -Battery or 110 VAC Powered


Battery or 110 VAC Operated Stud Welding Unit (with digital display) for CD stud welding (capacitor discharge welding). Commonly used to weld Insulation pins.

Battery Charger Sold Separately

Welding range: Weld Pins up to 10ga; CD Studs up to 3/16″; Cup Head Pins

  • Welding material: Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
  • Solid state technology
  • Welding occurs in milliseconds

Pegesar 500 ISO Spec Sheet



  • Self-sufficient, no power connection required
  • Ready to go
  • Up to 400 welds M6 with a single battery charge
  • Work without interruption with an optional spare battery
  • Light weight (12 kg included battery)


  • Enclosed housing (no air vents)
  • Protection against dirt, water, dust, knocks
  • Protection class IP 44
  • Side panels provide a raised base
  • Solid base


  • Intuitive operation
  • Handy toolbag (optional)
  • Cable tidy system provided via the handle
  • Quick battery replacement


  • Increased protection (safety extra low voltage under battery operation)
  • Weld in environments with increased exposure to electrical hazards
  • Quick access buttons for fast setup
  • Consistent welding energy


Battery Charger sold separately. Batteries can charge when installed in the Pegasar 500 if plugged into 110 VAC.


Battery Charger can be found here. Battery Charger

Extra Batteries are also available for purchase here. Battery 

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