Breaker Assembly Set (Rapid Ferrule Dispenser)

Complete Set includes: Pole (pn: RF FT 075-4) and Breaker (pn: RF FB 01)

Rapid Ferrule Tool Spec Sheet

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The Breaker Assembly Set includes everything you need to adapt your Rapid Ferrule Dispenser for breaking ferrules. The Rapid Ferrule Dispenser is the easiest and most affordable way to quickly and efficiently apply ferrules to weld sites! Discover the features of the Rapid Ferrule Dispenser below:

Features of the Rapid Ferrule Dispenser:

  • Reduce Strain: The Rapid Ferrule Dispenser allows stud welding operators to easily apply ferrules to weld sites will standing! This means that operators will no longer need to flex or bend to apply ferrules onto weld sites!
  • Speed: This devices not only reduces strain, but it also increases the rate at which ferrules can be applied by at least 4X! Instead of placing each ferrule by hand, the Rapid Ferrule Dispenser quickly and immediately releases each ferrule.
  • Accuracy: The tool’s ability to keep the operator in the standing position means that the operator can easily see the spacing of each ferrule!
  • Length: The Rapid Ferrule Dispenser allows operators to dispense ferrules up to four feet away! This helps operators apply ferrules in tough to reach spaces.
  • Simplicity: The Breaker Assembly Set requires little time and effort to construct, so you can begin using it instantly!

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