CDi 1502 Capacitive Discharge Welder (1/4″ Max Stud Dia.)


Stud Welding Unit (with digital display) for CD stud welding (capacitor discharge welding) according to current standards! See additional features in the description below! Unit includes everything you need to start shooting: gun, cable, ground and 4 collets ( #6, #8, #10, 1/4″).

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The CDi 1502 Capacitive Discharge Stud Welder is an affordable upgrade to the CDi 502, including premium features that increase safety, efficiency, and power!

CDi 1502 CD Welder Features:

  • Range: The CDi 1502 has a Welding range of #4 – 1/4″ and includes adjustment accessories!
  • Save your Settings: Save your specifications for charging voltage through selection of stud diameter according to welding range!
  • Efficiency: High-efficiency duty cycle means up to 33 studs/minute (dependent on application)!
  • Display: The CD 1502 Stud Welder comes equipped with an intuitive LED display, allowing you to easily troubleshoot issues and create custom settings!
  • Sheet Metal: This welder is perfect for thin sheets of metal (at least 0.5 mm)!
  • All HBS equipment offered through Stud Welding Products is CE Certified!

For more detail, view the CDi 1502 Stud Welder Spec sheet here: CDi 1502 Spec Sheet

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