Completely integrable stud welding system. Can be mounted to robots, rams, or gentry systems. Can be controlled via RS232 connection.

CDMi 2402 Individual Spec Sheet

  • Size: 18-3/4" length, 8" width, 9" height
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Weld Range: 14 ga. through 3/8"
  • Duty Cycle: 30 studs per minute
  • Primary Power: 110 VAC
  • Charge Voltage: 35-200 VDC
  • Cable Length: Includes a #4 x 25' gun cable and (2) pcs #4 x 15 ground cable


• Especially suitable for thin sheets (at least 0.5 mm)
• Process variants: contact welding & gap welding
• Micro-controller – for precise process times, optimal functional reliability and maximum operating convenience
• Function monitoring – automatic function test following power-up; monitoring of all internal system functions
• Function control – All functions are visible on the operator panel via LED or display
• With integrated mains filter (protection against voltage peaks)
• Controlled capacitor forming – step-by-step charging of capacitors after long standstill times for longer service life
of capacitors
• Re triggering lock-out – prevents welding on a welding element that has already been welded
• Thermal control of inverter-capacitor charging unit and internal temperature of stud welding unit– automatic switchoff
in the event of overheating
• Temperature controlled cooling fan – reduces noise and dust in the stud welding unit (greater system reliability)
• Optimal cooling air stream – protection of the electronic components against contamination and ideal cooling of the
inverter-capacitor charging circuit board for high cycle sequences
• Process sequence control – detection and evaluation of influencing variables of the welding process via the process
control (CP); after every welding, a comparison of the reference CP value and the actual values is performed; display
of the actual and target value; welding stop when limit values are exceeded can be activated; limit values can be selected
in steps; manual entry of CP value possible
• 15 programs can be stored – in every program, the parameters (charging voltage, capacity, CP settings and automatic
settings) can be selected digitally via a superior control system and specific to the application
• Remote control of the stud welding machines via standardized RS232 interface possible – the stud welding machines
can be controlled directly via the PC or CNC welding systems
• Library function – library with stored welding parameters for different diameter and material combinations for a
quick start of the welding process
• User-specific settings– weld counter (display of previously executed welds); menu navigation in various languages;
units (metric, imperial); date; time; setting of the transmission rate of the interfaces
• Reading out of CP values via standardized RS232 interface – for the output of data such as the date, time and welding
parameters of each weld with the superior control system; welding parameters of every weld are logged
• Inverter-capacitor charging technology – makes high cycle rates possible

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