Collar Studs

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Material: Low carbon steel, ASTM A 108 1010-1020. Stainless steel 18-8.

***Sizes below are MINIMUM length requirements

CK 448 12 58
CK 275 12 58
CK 215 12 58
CK 330 12 58




Collar Studs are used to provide a spacer between the parent metal and the part secured on threaded extension.

Arc stud welding is a process by which a metal fastener is welded to a parent metal through a fusion weld. Using a “ferrule” to capture and retain the weld’s heat, the molten metal created by the process cools and the weld site and produces a weld that is stronger than the stud itself. Drawn arc stud welding can weld dissimilar metals such as mild and stainless steel, as well as aluminum.

Our Collar studs are composed of low-carbon steel or stainless steel. All purchases of Collar studs come with the necessary ferrules required for welding, so you do not have to worry about making sure you have the necessary parts!

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Low Carbon Mechanical Property Requirements Stainless Steel
Tensile Strength61,000 psi min. Material: Stainless Steel
AISI grade - 302/304/316.
Other grades available upon request.
Mechanical Properties: Values for various grades available upon request.
Yield Strength49,000 psi min.
Elongation (% in 2 in.)17% min.
Elongation (% in 5x dia.)14% min.
Reduction of Area50% min.

How to Order:
Specify diameter, thread size before weld (BW) length, type of material.
Ex: CK .330 x 4 1/8 w/ 3/8-16 x 5/8

When ordering Stainless Steel, SS will be added to the part number.

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