Mini Remote Collet Extender


Collet Extenders allow the stud to be placed in special applications where the standard CD gun is too large to be positioned in the welding area. There are a variety of collet extenders available with the most common being shown below. These extenders fasten into the end of the CD gun shaft. Choose either B type collet or collet inserts.

Mini remote collet extender includes 3 FT of cable. Custom lengths are available.

Collet Extender Spec Sheet

Does not include collets

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Mini Remote Collet Extender 

The Mini Remote Collet Extender is a capacitive discharge stud welding accessory that is used when the operator is unable to position the stud gun on the welding area. Used in conjunction with capacitive discharge stud guns, the collet extender provides enhanced versatility and flexibility for operators. The collet extender can be ordered in different gun-shaft types, accessory styles, and as either straight or 90-degree (Each of these options is dependent on the job).

Collets and Chucks

Collets and chucks are used in CD stud welding to hold studs securely in the stud gun. They are installed on the ends of stud guns and help transfer spring-loaded pressure into the stud during the welding process. Collets and chucks ensure a strong bonding process through this mechanism. Through this process, collets and chucks experience wear and eventually must be replaced.

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