HBS Arc 800 Stud Welder (1/2″ Max Dia.)


The HBS Arc 800 Stud Welding Unit is especially suitable for thicker sheets of about 2 mm or higher. The unit features a microcontoller, function monitoring, display of error codes, and lift test.

Arc 800 Spec Sheet

HBS equipment is CE certified

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The HBS Arc 800 Stud Welder is the ultimate high-power, heavy duty arc stud welder!

  • Range: Welding range of #4 to 1/2″ (M3 to M12)!
  • Display: Digital display notifies user of error codes for fast troubleshooting!
  • Thick Sheets: This Arc Stud Welder is suited perfectly for metal sheets of 2mm or thicker!
  • Premium Safety Features: Thermal monitoring of transformer allows for automatic shutdown in the case of overheating!
  • Technology: Microcontroller technology allows users to control precisely the amount of desired power output!
  • Long-lasting: Sturdy design and Cooling-air tunnel keep the interior electronics safe from dust and debris!
  • Versatile: The HBS Arc 800 Stud Welder can weld Stainless and Mild Steel, as well as Aluminum!
  • Heavy-Duty: Weighing 88lbs, this arc welder packs extreme power, extreme efficiency, and high capacity in its sturdy chassis!
  • All HBS equipment offered through Stud Welding Products is CE Certified!

See the full specifications for the HBS Arc 800 here: Arc 800 Spec Sheet.

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