CDi 1502 Auto SET Hand Held (1/4″ max)

The ideal entry-level machine for automatic stud welding with tip ignition. Saves you money, time and energy!

CDi 1502 Auto Set Spec Sheet

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Unbeatable Trio:


Immense time saving
Combined with the fully-automatic stud feeder VBZ-3, up to three times faster than manual operation
Minimum energy consumption
• CDi 1502 consumes 30% less electrical power through inverter-capacitor charging technology

Maximum welding rates
• 100% higher welding rate through inverter-capacitor charging technology
• Fastest welding rate in its class

Minimum weight
• 20% weight saving compared to previous model
Easy handling
• Optimal customer benefit through a customer-oriented development
• Switch on machine. Select stud diameter/charging voltage and blowing time. And off you go!

Outstanding performance
• Highest charging energy in its class: 1,600 Ws / 66,000 μF / 220 V charging voltage
• 20% charging redundancy based on 220 V charging voltage
• Especially developed capacitors for stud welding

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