CDMi 2402 Welder Set

Completely integrable stud welding system. Can be mounted to robots, rams, or gentry systems. Can be controlled via RS232 connection.

CDMi 2402 Set Spec Sheet


The CDMi 2402 Welder Set includes everything you need to weld with this advanced auto-feed system! Learn about its features below:


  • Micro-controller – The CDMi 2402 Welder Set includes a micro-controller for precise process times, optimal functional reliability, and maximum operating convenience with integrated mains filter (protection against voltage peaks)
  • Re triggering lock-out – prevents welding on a welding element that has already been welded
  • Thermal control of inverter-capacitor charging unit and internal temperature of stud welding unit.
  • Optimal cooling air stream – The CDMi 2402 Welder Set offers protection of the electronic components against contamination and ideal cooling of interior electronics.
  • Remote control of the stud welding machines via standardized RS232 interface possible – the stud welding machines
    can be controlled directly via the PC or CNC welding systems
  • Library function – library with welding parameters for different diameter and material combinations for a
    quick start of the welding process
  • And Many More.

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