IT 50 CD Stud Welder

Stud Welding Unit for CD stud welding (capacitor discharge welding) according to current standards. The HBS IT 50 Stud Welding Unit is especially suitable for thicker sheets of about 2 mm or higher. The unit features a microcontoller, function monitoring, display of error codes, and lift test.

IT 50 Spec Sheet

  • Size: 18-3/4" length, 8" width, 9" height
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Weld Range: 14 ga. through 3/8"
  • Duty Cycle: 30 studs per minute
  • Primary Power: 110 VAC
  • Charge Voltage: 35-200 VDC
  • Cable Length: Includes a #4 x 25' gun cable and (2) pcs #4 x 15 ground cable


The IT 50 CD Stud Welder is one of the top performing automated capacitive discharge stud welders for metal sheets 2 millimeters and thicker! See its features below:

Key Features

  • Welding range 14 ga to 9/16″, #4 to 5/8″
  • Microcontroller for precise process times, optimal functional reliability, and maximum operating convenience
  • The IT 50 CD Stud Welder includes Library function. This means automatic specification of welding current and welding time through selection of stud diameter according to welding range.
  • Process monitoring – recording and analysis of factors affecting the welding process; after each weld, the reference and actual values are compared; display of the welding energy input; switchable automatic welding stop if limits are exceeded
  • Display – infinitely adjustable power setting, easy monitoring of all functions via LED displays, and easy operation via membrane keyboard and digital display.
  • And many more!

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