KAH-412 Weld Head (Auto Feed)

Automatic Stud Welding Head with Digital Display for CD or ARC stud welding with automatic stud feeding according to current standards.

KAH 412 Spec Sheet


The KAH-412 Weld Head is a top-of-the-line auto feed welder used in conjunction with other auto feed devices and accessories! See its features below:

Key Features:

  • Weld range #4 to 5/16″
  • Process variants: contact welding, gap welding, short cycle drawn arc welding, and drawn arc welding
  • Direct reading for the adjusted plunge and lift dimension
  • The KAH-412 Weld Head includes Torsion-resistant aluminum-casing to accommodate all function elements (e.g. ball bearing guide) and accessories
  • Sealed welding piston guidance
  • Stud length is freely adjustable (up to 40 mm; other lengths available on request)
  • Digital display (1/100 mm) for the position of the welding piston using integrated measuring system.
  • High level of security to prevent the selected settings being changed inadvertently.
  • And many more!

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