Nitto Kohki QA-4000 Automatic Drill (1-9/16″ x 1-3/8″ Hole Capacity)


Model QA-4000
Power Source (single phase) 110-120 V AC 50/60Hz
Rated Power Consumption 680 w
Rated Current 6.1 A
No Load Speed 750 rpm
Magnet Power Consumption 50 w
Hole Diameter Capacity 1-9/16″ Max
Depth of Cut Capacity 1-3/8″ Max
Magnet Holding Power 1,498 lbs
Magnet Dimensions 3-1/4″ x 6-13/16″
Weight 41 lbs
Included Accessories
  • UEA0835-0 pilot pin 5/16″ x 1-3/8 ” DOC
  • 3 & 4 mm allen wrench
  • 8 mm x 10 mm combination spanner
  • motor side handle
  • sample cutting fluid
  • safety chain
  • Tool Box

QA 4000 Spec Sheet

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The Nitto Kohki QA-4000 Automatic Drill exponentially increases productivity and slashes drilling cost!

QA-4000 Features at a glance:

  • Color Display: This model of Nitto Kohki drill comes fitted with a load detector display. This shows the amount of resistance on the cutter at any time!
  • Technology: The feed speed on this automatic machine is controlled by an on-board microcomputer, automatically adjusting to the load’s size and condition!
  • Automatic Stop: The feed motor will stop automatically to protect the equipment when an abnormally large load is placed on the cutter!
  • Feed: This drill features a fully automatic feeding system, allowing you to bore more holes quickly!
  • Efficient: The automatic nature of the drill allows users to operate multiple drills at once!

Finally, the QA-4000 comes equipped with a magnetic base and multiple safety features! Some of these features include non-accidental restart technology and a motion detection system!

Stud Welding Products offers a 1-year limited warranty on all Nitto Kohki Drills! Each purchase includes a convenient carrying case and sample cutting fluid. Click here to see Nitto Kohki drills in action!

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