Nitto Kohki Automatic Drills

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Nitto Kohki Automatic Drills

Stud Welding Products is happy to offer Nitto Kohki’s high-quality automatic drills! These portable drills combine quality prices with quality craftsmanship, without sacrificing premium features! Production, versatility, and safety the primary qualities these drills bring to the table—read more about Nitto Kohki’s drills below!

What are the Benefits of Automatic Drills?

The immediate benefits of using an automatic drill rather than a manual drill are increased efficiency, increased safety, and increased precision. In addition, some automatic drills–such as the Nitto Kohki WA-3500 Automatic Drilling Machine–allow users to safely walk away from the drill and attend other projects. This allows workers to operate multiple drills, potentially doubling or even tripling production! Furthermore, for units with metered coolant systems such as the WA-5000, coolant waste is significantly reduced. Additionally, Stud Welding Products’ line of automated drills all feature a quick, one touch arbor system, which means no special tools are required for cutter installation and removal! For quick video on the benefits and advantages of our line of automatic drills, click here!

Nitto Khoki, Automatic drill, QA-4000

The Nitto Kohki QA-4000

What are the Drawbacks of Automatic Drilling?

With all of the premium features that automated drills bring to the table, there must be some drawbacks, right? For most customers, the biggest drawback will be the price. Here at Stud Welding Products, we offer multiple automatic drills at various prices, starting at $1,995. Though more expensive than manual drills, this cost will quickly be recouped by increased productivity and efficiency!

Where Can I Purchase Automatic Drills?

Here at Stud Welding Products, we currently offer multiple models of automatic drills, including the Nitto Kohki QA-5000 and QA-6500 models. All of our machines come with a 1-year limited warranty!

Still Have Questions about Automatic Drilling?

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