PAH-1 Auto Feed Gun

  • Weld range-#4 to 5/16 “dia
  • With manual or automatic stud feeding (30% faster)
  • Capable of holding a +/- .005 on stud location.
  • Easy handling

PAH-1 Gun Spec Sheet


PAH-1 Auto Feed Gun is a unique stud gun, capable of welding both arc and capacitive discharge studs!

Key Features

  • Adaptability: The PAH-1 Auto Feed Gun can shoot both capacitive discharge studs and arc studs! This gun is one of the most versatile and adaptable stud guns on the market!
  • Range: Boasting a welding range of 1/4″ to 5/16″, this gun is suitable for a plethora of different projects!
  • Structure: Rigid, high quality casing, excellent ergonomic design, and a proven mechanical structure combine into a dependable stud gun!
  • Versatility: Can weld many different types of studs, including flanged, mini-flanged, and non-flanged studs!
  • Simple: Loading and using the PAH-1 Stud Gun is intuitive and quick, so you can get to welding right away!
  • And many more!

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