Talon Cup Head Pin Welder (1/4″ Max Dia.)

A revolution in welding technology is underway with Talon. Even though it weighs less than 30 lbs., there’s nothing lightweight about it! Pound for pound, Talon offers the best performance ever in a portable pin welder. Inside and out, Talon includes innovations that make it the most reliable, user friendly, heavy duty welding system available. In fact, superior consistency and weld quality are Talon trademarks. And that’s especially true when welding cup head pins. Talon technology is so dependable that it comes with a full three-year warranty. Combine its long service life and affordable price with savings in time and materials and you’ll enjoy profitability like never before. More information can be found in the description below!

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The Talon Cup Head Pin Welder is the foremost welding system for pin and insulation welding!

This cutting-edge machine conveniently combines advanced technology, versatility, and user-friendly features in one lightweight package! Weighing in under 30lbs, the Talon Cup Head Pin Welder is stocked with features:

Key Features

  • Weld Range: The Talon Welding System can weld more than just cup head pins! This welder can weld fasteners from 14ga all the way up to 1/4″!
  • Lightweight: This efficient stud welder comes in under 30lbs!
  • Versatility: This stud welder can weld pins and studs that are Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and Aluminum!
  • Warranty: The Talon Welder comes with a three-year warranty!


With the Talon Cup Head Pin Welder, you can take your stud welding to new heights! This welder is perfect for insulation or other light industrial projects. Invest in the Talon Welder today and experience the difference it makes in your welding endeavors!

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