TruWeld TW6802-Dual Gun Arc Stud Welder (1″ Max Dia.)


The TW6802 is a fully integrated dual gun stud welding system for ferrule-shielded and gas-shielded drawn arc stud welding. The TW6802 contains digital controls for weld time, weld current, and gas purge time. The system was designed to be a perfect fit for welding up through 1” diameter studs. This is all contained in a compact, portable package. New Pro-Tech’d technology protects the gun circuitry. New improved user inter­face for more intuitive setup. New factory presets and user customizable presets. New improved weld control. 2 year warranty.

Includes: TW6802 power supply, (2) TWE17000 Heavy Duty stud gun, (2) 50 feet starter combo cable, and (2) 25 feet ground cable assembly

TW6802 Spec Sheet

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The TruWeld TW6802-Dual Gun Arc Stud Welder retains every feature included in the TW6800 stud welding system, but allows for two separate stud welding guns to be attached and used simultaneously! See more features below:

  • Simultaneous Welding: The primary feature of this stud welder is its dual welding capabilities, which allows two stud guns to operate simultaneously while hooked up to the same system!
  • Capacity: This stud welding system can can comfortably weld anywhere between 1/4″ and 1″-sized studs!
  • Efficiency: With a duty cycle range of up to 24 studs per minute (depending on stud size), the TW6802 allows you to quickly weld high volumes of studs!
  • Technology: “Pro-Tech’d” technology protects gun circuitry!
  • Accessible: Comes pre-loaded with factory presets and allows users to customize their own settings!
  • Display: LED display allows users to quickly and easily understand current system settings and operational controls!
  • Control: The TW6802 Dual Gun Stud Welder welder boasts high-level weld control, allowing you to shoot studs with ease and comfort.
  • Intuitive: Improved user interface allows for intuitive setup and operation!
  • Ideal fit for shop use!
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Includes a 2 Year Warranty!

For detailed specifications of the TW 6802 Stud Welding System, click here: TW6802 Spec Sheet

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