Wire Tie Down Stud

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Wire tie studs are an easy and long-lasting option for wire management. Simply attach wire tie to your workpiece and zip tie your cables down. The option with a #10 CD stud can be capacitor discharge (CD) welded on in milliseconds.

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Wire Tie Down Stud

Use this highly convenient Wire tie Down Stud to manage wires and organize your workspace or project! Easily install this device using the process of capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding.

Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welding is a semi-automatic arc welding process. During CD welding, the weld operator “shoots” small diameter fasteners onto thin gauge parent metal. The CD process operates on the principle of capacitor stored energy, which is instantaneously discharged by the equipment system through a special weld “timing” tip. Since the entire weld cycle occurs in several milliseconds, one can weld onto thin sheet metal without pronounced distortion, burn-through or discoloration. Additionally, CD welding permits stud welding of dissimilar metals.

Nylon Wire Tie Mechanical Dimensions

Slot Height0.0902.29
Slot Width0.3258.26

Nylon 6/6 Temperature Index

Temperature Index
Minimum ThicknessElectrical (°C)Mechanical w/o Impact (°C)Hot Wire Ignition (sec)

Nylon 6/6 NBS Smoke Generation

Specific Optical Density
Sample ThicknessUL FammabilityEnergy Sourceat Maximum Smoke Accumulationat 2 Minutes
1/16”94 V-2Radiant
(2.5 watts/sq cm)
1/16”94 V-2Radiant Plus Flaming Gas Jets261

Nylon 6/6 Properties

PropertyASTM MethodTest ConditionUnitsNylon 6/6
Tensile StrengthD638+73° F; 50% RHkpsi11.2
Elongation at BreakD638+73° F; 50% RH%>= 300
Yield StrengthD638+73° F; 50% RHkpsi8.5
Shear StrengthD732Dry as Molded (DAM)kpsi9.6
Deformation under loadD6212,000 psi; +122°F; DAM%1.4
IZOD ImpactD256+73° F; 50% RHft lb/in2.1
Tensile Impact StrengthD1822+73° F; Long Specimen; DAMft lb/in240
Melting PointD789Fisher-Johns°F491
Thermal Linear ExpansionD696DAMin/in/°FTBD
Thermal Conductivity--DAM Conche-FitchBTU-in/h•ft•°F1.7
Brittleness TemperatureD74650% RH°F-85
Oxygen IndexD2863DAM%028
Oxygen IndexD286450% RH%031
UL FlammabilityUL 94DAM--V-2
UL FlammabilityUL 9550% RH--V-2

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