Wire Tie Down Stud


Wire tie studs are an easy and long-lasting option for wire management. Simply attach wire tie to your workpiece and zip tie your cables down. The option with a #10 CD stud can be capacitor discharge (CD) welded on in milliseconds.

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Nylon Wire Tie Mechanical Dimensions

Slot Height0.0902.29
Slot Width0.3258.26

Nylon 6/6 Temperature Index

Temperature Index
Minimum ThicknessElectrical (°C)Mechanical w/o Impact (°C)Hot Wire Ignition (sec)

Nylon 6/6 NBS Smoke Generation

Specific Optical Density
Sample ThicknessUL FammabilityEnergy Sourceat Maximum Smoke Accumulationat 2 Minutes
1/16”94 V-2Radiant
(2.5 watts/sq cm)
1/16”94 V-2Radiant Plus Flaming Gas Jets261

Nylon 6/6 Properties

PropertyASTM MethodTest ConditionUnitsNylon 6/6
Tensile StrengthD638+73° F; 50% RHkpsi11.2
Elongation at BreakD638+73° F; 50% RH%>= 300
Yield StrengthD638+73° F; 50% RHkpsi8.5
Shear StrengthD732Dry as Molded (DAM)kpsi9.6
Deformation under loadD6212,000 psi; +122°F; DAM%1.4
IZOD ImpactD256+73° F; 50% RHft lb/in2.1
Tensile Impact StrengthD1822+73° F; Long Specimen; DAMft lb/in240
Melting PointD789Fisher-Johns°F491
Thermal Linear ExpansionD696DAMin/in/°FTBD
Thermal Conductivity--DAM Conche-FitchBTU-in/h•ft•°F1.7
Brittleness TemperatureD74650% RH°F-85
Oxygen IndexD2863DAM%028
Oxygen IndexD286450% RH%031
UL FlammabilityUL 94DAM--V-2
UL FlammabilityUL 9550% RH--V-2

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