Gun Adaptor


Optional mount for arms.

Mount Spec Sheet


The Gun Adaptor is a small device used in conjunction with our StudPro Reach Arms! This device attaches directly to any StudPro Arm!

StudPro Reach Arms

StudPro Reach Arms assist stud welding operators in the welding process by reducing fatigue. By transferrin the weight of the stud gun from the operator to the device, operators are able to weld with less effort and greater concentration! One of the biggest contributing factors to poor weld quality is fatigue and strain on the operator during long and difficult projects. StudPro Reach welding arms reduce this very common factor and, in doing so, increase welding efficiency and reduce project timelines!

The Gun Adaptor for StudPro Arms allows operators to utilize a larger range of stud welding guns with any of our StudPro Arms.

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See our full line of Stud Welders here! If you would like to view our entire line of StudPro Reach welding arms, you can find them here! And view these pages to find capacitive discharge studs, arc studs, and general stud welding accessories!


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