IWT-CA Auto Feed Gun


The IWT-CA Auto Feed Gun offers advanced and dependable capacitive discharge stud welding application! See its features below:

Key Features:

  • Welding range #6 to 1/4″: The IWT-CA Auto Feed is a highly versatile and adaptable stud gun that is perfect for many stud welding projects!
  • Speed: When paired with the UVF-14 Universal Feeder, the IWT-CA Stud Gun can weld up to 20 studs per minute!
  • Adjustability: Operators can easily adjust the spring pressure within the stud gun to fit desired specifications!
  • Resiliency: Impact-resistant housing keeps the inner workings of the stud gun safe! Advanced technology makes this stud gun resistant to tough conditions of stud welding!
  • Can automatically feed weld studs up to 1.125″ (30 mm) long!
  • And many more!


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