Slim Line CD Stud Gun (5/16″ Max Dia.)


The Slim-Line Gun is another form of collet extender, and can be preferable above the others. The Slim-Line Gun is a fully self-contained, self-triggering CD weld gun. This gun plugs directly into the welder and requires a “B” Collet. To operate, load the stud into the collet, locate the gun in place, and then press the stud against the base material. The weld will take place automatically, and firing occurs only upon proper pressure. 90 day warranty.

Gun will ship with the Hubbell Control Connector (107-0030) and 1/0 Weld Cable Camlock107-0010. Other connectors available upon request.

Slim Line Spec Sheet



The Slim Line CD Stud Gun is a unique, self-triggering capacitive discharge gun that helps you easily spot-weld fasteners!

Premium Features:

  • Self-triggering technology! The stud is automatically welded once enough force is pressed upon the weld site!
  • This gun works as both a collet extender and a stud gun!
  • Extremely portable and lightweight!
  • Utilizes standard “B” Collets (Find B Collets here!)

If you would like to see the full Spec Sheet for the Slim Line CD Stud Gun, click here!

Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welding is a semi-automatic arc welding process. In the process of CD welding, stud gun operators end-weld small-diameter fasteners to thin gauge parent metal. The CD process operates on the principle of capacitor stored energy, which is instantaneously discharged by the equipment system through a special weld “timing” tip. Because the entire weld cycle occurs in several milliseconds, operators can weld fasteners to thin sheets without pronounced distortion, burn-through, or discoloration. Additionally, one unique characteristic of CD welding is that it permits stud welding of dissimilar metals.

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