TWE 19000 LIGHT DUTY STUD GUN (1/2″ max)


The TWE 19000 has been designed to fit comfortably for all hands, including when wearing a work glove. The neck of the handle has been tapered so that when grasped, the trigger can be accessed easily, without any unnecessary strain. The handle length allows for better balance of the stud gun and it keeps the welding cable and connector away from your hand, minimizing operator fatigue. 90 day warranty. Gun includes phoenix type connector. Does NOT include gun accessories.

TWE 19000 Spec Sheet

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The TWE 19000 Light Duty Stud Gun is a highly advanced Arc stud welding stud gun! Find more features below!

  • This gun itself is lightweight! At only 4.2lbs, this stud gun is extremely portable and easy to wield!
  • This versatile gun can be also be ordered to operate with most Arc stud welders offered!
  • Ergonomic grip and handle fits comfortably in all hands!
  • Handle design allows for easy access to the trigger and keeps the welding cable and connecter away from your hand!
  • Gun includes male phoenix type connector


About Arc Stud Welding

Arc Stud Welding is a process by which operators rapidly weld large diameter fasteners (>0.5″) to thick, rough metals. In Arc stud welding, an operator places a fastener (held in place by a chuck) and a ceramic ferrule against a parent metal by using an Arc stud gun. Once the operator pulls the trigger of the stud gun, a controlled electric arc melts the end of the fastener and the weld site, creating a strong fusion weld. The ceramic ferrule retains the heat and molten metal around the weld site. This further strengthens the fastener’s fusion to the parent metal. Additionally, the process of arc stud welding allows operators to weld dissimilar metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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